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Yoga Mom

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Boulder Deals that Can Really Help a Single Mama Out

WOW, it is so hard to just write a single blog when you are the single mom of a toddler!  This whole mama thing is ten times more challenging than I ever imagined, yet one hundred times more rewarding as well.  

So I was estatic to discover two amazing deals for low-income mamas in Boulder this past week.  Yes, there really are deals in super chic Boulder if you seek them out.  The City of Boulder Recreation Centers (North, East, and South Boulder) offer a reduced rate for families within city limits.  The income limit for a family of two is $35,850, a family of three is $40,350 and so forth.  If you have Medicaid or live in Public Housing you automatically qualify.  You and your children receive half off on all drop-in rates and reduced rates on punch cards and annual passes (even more savings).  You can sign up for one registered class each season for half-off, while your children can sign up for two!  Sage and I have signed up for the weekly Toddler Dance class at the North Boulder Rec Center. We got the half off discount making it an affordable $28 for the Winter season.  We love it!

So I know this is not free yoga with free childcare but its a start!  We will get there eventually, promise.  You can nourish yourself with a yoga class for only $3.40!  And better yet their is a discounted childcare rate as well.  I believe it is half off also bringing the total to around $3.25 for 90 minutes, and $1.25 extra for each additional child.  It is a beautiful childcare room with an outside playground and really friendly caregivers.  Unfortunately, the childcare hours are not that great for a working mother.  There is an wonderful, affordable drop-in daycare center called Children's Alley on Mapleton and 14th that I utilize when needed.  They are a deal in themselves.  

 Note:  It is super easy to visit the Iris Building on Iris and Broadway (not the North Boulder Rec. Center, right next door, to the north) and fill out the application and get approved right then and there.  Please make sure to follow the link below and take a look at the application, so you know what documentation to bring.

The second deal is from the Farmer's Market and is one that I sadly caught onto a bit too late - but there is always next Spring. Had I known that  Red Wagon Farms gives all EBT customers (Foodstamps) half off of their fresh, organic produce my son and I would having been eating like kings and queens for the past six months.   Even though the Farmer's Market is over, I wanted to make sure to get the word out to all EBT cardholders to head on over to Red Wagon Farms stand first thing next Spring.  We can afford to eat fresh, organic, and local foods.  Yay!  Thank you Red Wagon Farms for looking out for low-income folks and families.  Hoping more shall follow in your footsteps.  

Any other deals?   Please share.


  1. Val,
    Not sure you told me you had a blog, my memory is going I think. But anyway, I think you're doing a terrific job and service doing this, so keep it up. I confess I am a lurker a lot on blogs but eventually I comment so you will too.


  2. Thanks mom! I won't give up. It takes awhile to gain a blog following and to start up a project like this, especially when you a single mom, and somewhat new to town. Speaking with the founder tomorrow, so I am hoping to get the yoga classes going by the New Year!