Yoga Mom

Yoga Mom

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Nov. 25th Show at Boulder's Fox Theater, 10% of proceeds for The Free Yoga for Single Mamas Project!

Check out this show! 10% of proceeds from this show will go towards The Free Yoga for Single Moms Project. Also I will be serving kumbucha, raw treats, and vegan wraps (possibly). Revolutionary hip hop, art, live dance, and soul food! Featuring The Wandering Monks, The Freedom Movement, Mike Wird, Gaia Experiment, etc... Don't miss this!
P.S The first person to post this link on their wall, visit my blog, Mothering the Mother, make a responsive comment, join the blog, and then post a link to my blog on their wall will receive 2 free tickets! Just send me a FB message that you accomplished all that along with your address, and I will send them your way. Thanx!

Much love and nourishment,

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