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Yoga Mom

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Please Spread the Love and Support this Blog!

Yeah!  Thanks to the Apple Wrangler (see my links) my blog views have doubled since yesterday!  Even though this is a Boulder based project, there should be similar projects throughout the country, continent, world.  Please spread the word.  Once I gain some momentum, experience, and wisdom with the Boulder based project (and from the Boston based project), I would love to help this spread like wildfire!

Also, please keep coming back!  I will be posting articles, insight, and tips related to single mamahood, mama community, and nourishing our mamaselves.  A little bit about mwa...I am a single mama of a 20 month old boy (Sage), and I would love for our story, our life to be of inspiration to other single mamas, so I will be sharing my heart on this blog as well.  The beginning of my mamahood journey was traumatic, yet in the enfolding of the past two years I transformed from living primarily in the depths of despair and pain to living more fully in my heart, feeling connected to my spirit and to my son.  If I can flourish and thrive, make the time to nourish myself and form community, be present and loving for my son, and accept and love all my imperfections as a single mama, any mama can!  All my experiences have overflowed the ocean of my being with so much compassion for other mamas and for the world.  (My story to be continued...)

More mamalove headed your way,

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