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Friday, October 7, 2011


Free Yoga for Single Mamas

I am waiting to hear back about possible funding to get this project rolling.  In the mean time I want to network, network, network.  Please share this blog on Facebook to get the word out, and then also spread the word the old fashioned way - face to face.  My goal is to have at least one free yoga class per week in Boulder with coordinating childcare/children's yoga by the New Year.

Family Grub Night

Because it is so much easier to cook for a family instead of for just two.  Because sometimes a mama wants to eat delicious food (that her kids don't want to eat).  Because even with her lovely children, it can still be a lonely table for a single mama.  Because it is challenging to prepare a healthy, homemade meal every night of the week.  Because food tastes better with good company.  Because sharing a meal builds community.

I am digging this model... We take turns meeting at one another's homes once a week to share a meal.  The hostess of the week prepares the main meal, something simple, healthy, natural, yummy, and if possible low allergen (gluten and dairy free).  Examples of simple one or two pot meals... soup, curry, crock pot/dutch oven meal, etc... .  Then another mama brings a salad, another mama brings the dessert, another mama brings a dish for the picky eaters (example; mac n' cheese, pizza, etc..), two other mamas clean, and the rest of the mamas have the night off.  These tasks are rotated every week allowing for the mamas to take turns and have a night free of dinner duty at least once a month.  But the goal is to make this dinner easy and fun for every one.   We could even make a simple dessert together involving the kids or have theme dinners - lets get creative!   As the dinner group grows, we find a larger kitchen to use (such as at a church), and we have a rotating working and non-working group.   What do you think?

Goal - Have one trial dinner by the New Year.  Just one - its possible!

Mama Creativity Time (better name, anyone, please?)

Single mamas get together  twice a month to work on their creative endeavors.  The first meeting per month will be a workshop with guest artists and creative folks leading us in our creative process.  The second meeting will be to work on our own creative endeavors and/or share them with a supportive group of single mamas.  Example:  crafty things, knitting, gifts, toys, collages, poetry, paintings, a food project, etc...anything that sparks your creative fire and makes you feel alive!  The point of meeting in a group is to be able to focus on your creativity and get inspired.  Free childcare will be provided, although   until we build our momentum mamas may have to take turns with the childcare.

Goal - One Mama Creative Time by the New Year.  This will happen!

Additional Upcoming Plans

- a website - by the New Year

- an informational, outreach flier - within the next month

- a meeting with volunteers or those who want to form a collective to organize all of these projects - within the next month

Oh yeah, I am hoping to form a collective of folks (not just single mamas, really anyone who wants to serve single mamas) who want to turn Mothering the Mother, Nourishment and Community for Single Mamas in Boulder from a vision into reality.

Let's make this all happen!  Please contact me a.s.a.p if you want to help in any way or want to join any of these projects.  Thank you.

From my forever growing, big mama heart to yours,

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